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Better Water for Better Health

Water is one of the most important components of life - it's unavoidable. What is also unavoidable is all the contaminants found in US municipal water, including microorganisms, radiation and inorganic chemicals like arsenic, fluoride, and even lead and mercury!

Most filtration systems get rid of the contaminants, along with all the healthy properties!

Perfectly Balanced Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Water stripped of its nutrients is often left highly acidic. Antioxidant alkaline water raises the pH of your body so that it can function as it was made to function. The water at Water Tree Hwy 6, located in Houston, TX, is filtered naturally with a ceramic conversion process - not through electrical ionizers.

Stop by Water Tree Hwy 6 and choose between gallon jugs and cases of 16.9 oz. bottles of the healthiest water money can buy.

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